Our Philosophy

Keep Advancing

Keep Advancing. This short statement is a reminder that our work is never over and no matter how far we go
or how much we accomplish there is room to grow. ‘Keep Advancing’ isn’t simply a company tagline, it’s a
belief that we as individuals hold and that drives us to accomplish the unimaginable and to
continually exceed expectations.

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The Hudson Promise

Hudson Mfg was born from an unwillingness to settle and a desire to deliver only the highest quality products. As firearms enthusiasts, we understand the high expectations of shooters and what they demand from a pistol. Hudson is and will always be committed to creating products that are practical in their approach, appealing in their aesthetic and engineered to advance.

Our Team
Our Team

Our Team

At Hudson we understand the importance of a team. It is our unified vision that fuels innovation and allows us to design pistols for the modern shooter. We are veterans, we are sport shooters, we are industry experts and we are committed to lasting alliances that advance our industry, our community and our passion for shooting.